Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas is near [just for fun]

I originally wrote this in the 90's, but thought, what the heck.

Just before Christmas
[Apologizing to Clement Moore and Dr Suess]

Tis just before Christmas, and packed is my house.
With all of the in-laws of my sweet spouse.
There's Uncle Jimmy, boy, he's such a peach.
He tries to grope anyone who comes within reach.
Aunt Sadie is at the mirrow, putting on a new face.
The woman has jowls, half down to her waist.
I ask my sister-in-law Janet, what gift she'd like most.
She says "A naked Marine, wearing two slices of toast."
Cousin Eddie is mad, to him nothing is funny.
Just got thru telling him, no more loaning him money.
My neices and nephews are out neath the stars.
Roaming the neighborhood, stripping parked cars.
I walk in the kitchen, where my dear lady is working.
There are chores to be done, not an in-law is lurking.
With a hug and a kiss, she says 'Patience my dear".
They won't come back, this is the last year.
For now we are rich, the lottery has been won.
Soon we will be leaving, as if shot from a gun.
Now the turkey is brown, the gravy is poured.
My in-laws all gather in a ravening horde.
They swarm round the table, and begin to feast.
Like vultures in Kenya, round a dead wildebeast.
And from my table, there arises quite a clatter.
As the last sucked-clean bone falls back on the platter.
Now upon one great question, doth my sanity hinge.
Will this be the year that I get my revenge?
For all of the times they have come into my life.
Causing stress and bad feeling to me and my wife.
Now my in-laws fall down, some try to hollar.
And i know the poison was worth every dollar.
All our bags are packed, we are well on our way.
I feel there is but one thing left I should say.
As our plane lands in Rio, and we get off of the flight.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

unfinished and short works


Death comes to all, but heed not it's siren call
Death comes to the old and those yet to crawl.
Most fear death,and try to hide, all in vain
For some it comes as surcrease from pain
To those souls I say, that in the end,
Death comes not in fear, but as a friend



Where did the soda fountain go, that's not a mystery.
Like the mom and pop grocery store, lost to history.
The little stores where the owner greeted you by name.
The big box stores have no soul, it just isn't the same.
Starbucks tries and tries to shut down your local Coffee.
I won't drink Starbucks swill, even if offered to me free.
REBEL, REVOLT, find one of those stores left, so few.
you can help save it, and they'll be happy to see you.
Sure it is cheaper elsewhere, but the few pennies of cost.
Might secure/rescue a bit of nostalgia, before it is lost.
I.d call Mike at Millers hardware, tell him what I need..
It was ready when I got there, how's that for speed?
Try that with Loews, see how far it goes.
I am guilty as all, and saying it isn't at all nice.
We have sold part of our soul for a few pennies of price



Can any truly define Reality. As we ride on Lifes' Wheel.
Is what we touch and see, or is it what we hear and feel?
A madmans' sense of what is sane. we say "It's only within his mind".
But is his reality on a different plane, and so he leaves us all behind?
So Gentle reader, I tell you true. From my own 'reality'
I may be just a fool , but magic is very real to me


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Womans Pain

She bled the night for promises,fed upon her dreams.
went in search of fleeting hope,long lost or so it seems.
She sought to find the answers to the simple question "Why"
was left with bitter endings and angry tears to cry.
She ached and trembled in despair,beneath the moonless gloom.
holding fast to shattered pieces of a heart she thought doomed.
She cried out in the dark of the pain she couldn't share
Asking her desolated soul,why her lover didn't care.
She begged the night for promises her prayer came to naught.
Wondered when the hurt would ever end, is this her lifes' lot?.

She wanders thru the shattered night
hiding from her one great fright
The fear that she will end up alone
With her heart turned hard as stone
She looks up at a lone gleaming star
And wonders why she has come so far.
She believes, and she knows, its ne'er to late
To turn ones soul from rage and hate
Unfaithful man the promise her lover did not keep.
That one burning memory ever invades her sleep
The nightmare wakes her, she doth toss and turn
She walks the night, it makes her spirit burn
She walks on, but but she will learn to cope
For she remembers . there's that small word, Hope
And when the morning light drives back the night
She can rejoice, and put away her fright
know this, Dear Lady, at the very least
As surely as the sun rises in the east
The light wipes away the darkness with its glow
This one great truth, you must see and know
If you think that your hearts is ever sealed in that rock
Remember that faithful love shatters any stone sealed lock

Mountain Meadow

Fleeing memory, he walks the woods, the silent mountains,
Behind him, a city of glass and steel, man made fountains.
Tho not bold, the deep shadow of the forest holds no fright,
He wishes only that enfolding peace ,found within the night.
Fearing to sleep, for sleep may bring that dream,
Awakened, heart pounding, trying not to scream.
He could not save her, he could but sit at her bedside.
Watching, helpless to halt the ebb of her life's tide.
He walks on, hearing and feeling the the night sounds;
Deep and dark, never quiet, in the forest, life abounds.
He desires that darkness, moonless times, dark as jet
So leaves the house at the fiery kiss of each sunset.
Coming upon a clearing in the woods, a meadow he did not seek,
Arriving just as the morning dawn enflames the mountain peak.
Old blackened stumps tell a tale, how the meadow was born.
Grass and beautiful flowers, doth now the clearing adorn.
Looking across the clearing, a way to end this rift
The meadow has no other side, he sees there, a cliff.
He stands at the edge, the clearing behind him like a park,
Facing the dawns first rays, below him night, deep and dark.
gazing down that fearful height, he hears nights siren call
Just one small step, then an end-- an end to dreams and all.
He steels himself to take that step, and thinks, "None will care'
Suddenly he feels a warmth upon his hand, a breath light as air.
He turns, he looks, and there in the light of dawn,
Gazing trustingly into his eyes, a tiny dappled fawn.
He steps back, takes one hand, wipes at the blood on its side.
Not the fawns, somewhere in the night, a mother doe has died.
He picks up the fawn, it relaxes in his arms in total trust
Says "Lets get you fed ,little one. Our life's in front of us,"
As each of us travels life , from birth until deaths door,
We simply want to be needed, just that, nothing more


The beauty of the face and body is only ephemeral
What shines forth from the heart and soul is eternal
Thoughts and ideas of beauty, alter without reason or rhyme
The glory of the spirit mocks and forever transcends time
The Goddess who made us each, had no ideals in her plan,
No age, no beauty, nor ugly, merely woman and man
The Lilly is pale and fair, many praise it beauty
But there are others to whom we also owe duty
Pansies and roses can be dark in their parts
should we then, deny them our hearts?
so judge not any person by their physical whole
rejoice and enjoy them for what they show of their soul

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Small Rant?

To those who say Fox News is biased, slanted, and/or reports things taken out of context . I submit the following 'true' statements.

1] Fox news is fair and balanced.

2] The check is in the mail.

3] Don't worry, baby, I wouldn't take advantage of you if you drink too much.

4] Officer, that's not my weed, I don't know how that baggie got under my carseat////in my coat pocket ////in my glovebox!

5] I don't need to ask directions, I know exactly where we are /// where we are going.

6] Oh, just throw that away, I won't need the assembly instructions.

7] I don't have any idea where that dent in the car came from.

8] You don't need to read the contract, just sign here, don't worry, I took care of everything.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


The Mountains and Sea can become as one.
But the travelers journey is not yet done.
His soul sails on , he trusts his heart, tis his fate.
To sail and hope to reach the one, his mate.
She waits, watches, and prays that tiny sail.
Will hold together through wind, wave and travail.
She stands with faith that cannot bend.
For She knows each journey has an end.
The wind, the waves, conspire to make her fall
But heaven knows a Womans love can save us all

Small Sonnets

A Future

As one looks forward to the rest of this life.
Asking of the powers that be, a place free of strife.
It need not be Mansion, nor Kubla Khans Dome.
For where love is found is forever a home.
No subservience or dominance on either part.
Two making One, that comes only from the heart.
I am her equal, friend, lover, and partner for life.
She is my equal, my partner, my lover, my wife.
Oh, there are diamonds and gold, all sorts of material things.
They compare not to the sound of joy when a lady sings.
She sings because her soul is content, her heart set free.
If you have never heard this, my friend, I pity thee.
Then when the Black Camel kneels, and I pass thru death's door.
She can say, "I loved and was loved", why need there be more?


She has some fear, her heart a wounded dove.
But still she doth wish to be loved and to love.
The men she has known, none called her a beauty.
She now thinks of sex, as naught but woman’s duty.
But as she lay enclosed in his arms , in that private place.
She sees what she never thought to see in any man’s face.
She sees the caring and worship of her in his eyes.
A trembling begins, from her heart to her thighs.
He has his own fears too , he feels from love he is barred.
By this face and body he wears, so hideously scarred.
She cups her hands on his cheeks, that half-melted visage.
Within him something heals he now has the courage.
He moves down beside her, he will not falter.
As he begins to worship at her body’s altar.
Every peak and hollow of her body, neck down to hips.
He worships and blesses with hands, tongue, and lips.
She arches her hips, opens as on no other occasion.
As her souls flame is kindled by that gentle invasion.
He takes her up and thru that orgasmic door.
Twas new to her, had never been there before.
He enters her, in the soft combat free from strife.
And they begin anew, that dance ancient as life.


Summer Night

You called out over and over, his name, to all above
Lying there, you two, as one, in the throes of love
Gazing deep into your eyes, he says your name.
Spoken only at a whisper, a scream, just the same.
Your body explodes in release, so great it gives you fright
Approaching Nirvana, unbridled passion, in the sultry night.
He rises with you, together, joins you at that you both did seek
The two come back to this world, having acheived that peak.
Full moon above, shining white diamonds off drops of dew.
The heated silence of the night, seems to envy the two of you.
The stars are fixed in place, you know that it is always so.
Yet they seemed to spin and dance, but a few moments ago.
The night breezes cool the sweat, earlier seeming so molten.
As you lie in each others arms, in those moments so golden.
He gently trails his hands over your bodys' curves.
You see that male part of him, as it again stirs.
Then, before the rising of the summer sun
That time comes again, when two become one

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just FYI: One of my poems mentions Kubera. He is a god in the India pantheon . He is the Lord of Hidden treasure. Some think that means he knows the location of all lost riches. I believe that means he is the lord of the hidden treasures of the soul and spirit of mankind and womankind.
I use that name in my s/n not because I think I have any of those powers, but if I could have, those are the ones I would want

For my Daughter

MY CHILD, and her child
Once I held you, newborn, cupped within my hands.
You hold your own child now, in a distant land.
I would pick you up, and hold you at every chance.
And sing to you, as around the room we would dance
Watched you play and grow, outside the shelter of my arms.
Tried to keep you forever safe from danger and all harms.
There were times you hated me, this I know,
because I was the one who always had to say no.
Nights and days, I missed any chance of sleep.
Knew not where you were, and in safety did keep.
Just want to let you know, for me, you stand above the crowd
My Baby girl, you have made this old man very proud

A Random Rant

Am I the only one who, when in a hurry or running late for something important, gets stuck behind some yutz going 15 MPH under the speed limit. Understand, I am not speeding to get to my destination, merely doing the speed limit. So the opportunity presents to pass this idiot, you change lanes, and he/she speeds up to the point that 10 mph OVER the speed limit won't pass them. So you swing back in the lane and - - - yep, they slow back down.
Times like that, you have no idea how much I miss my old 74 International, it had big steel plow blade on the front of it. And if you are on the freeway, this 'genius' is always in the high speed passing lane.

The Old Gods


When she was but a child, she began to dance
Any music or song, gave her that chance.
All blessed to see her, knew they were given a gift
Watching her move, your heart and spirit would lift
Twas as if she was Dance itself, given function and form
She could drive out your heartaches, push back a storm
This tiny waif of a girl, if you saw her you could but know
As she got older, that power would do nothing but grow

She grew to a young woman, dancing lighter than air
With a sweet gamin face, and long flowing hair
She never did think of leaving her small town
For people came to see her , from all cities around.

Till came one day a man of evil, a man filled with greed
Who saw her dance and thought. "she's is just what I need'
I can sell tickets, I will call her "Natures own flower"
I will get wealth, and I know , money will give me power
So he walked to the dancer, and took her by the hands
Said , Come little one, You should be seen in all Lands"
To the great city , he took the dancer , that young girl
Made up signs,"See the best dancer of this World"
They came and watched, felt a freedom of sense
AS they were all awed by her magnificence

The cheering rose up, making such a great sound
That Ra's sun chariot slowed in its daily round.
Ra loooked down to see what could give his horses pause
'Saw a small woman, thought surely this can't be the cause
The greedy one came on the stage, commited a great crime
Saying."She dances better than the Gods of any and all time"
When Ra heard this, he became somber and sadden
He knew the old Gods, these words would not gladden

With the mans fateful words ,. upon the stage there appeared
A Blazing shape , away you must look ere your vision be seared
It faded down to a woman, of beauty and inhuman grace
Clothing of gold, daughter of the Nile showing in her fac e
"I heard the words of that greedy hearted,evil little man,
Tho not your fault, You will have to make a stand
I am Hathor, Goddess of Beauty Music and Dance
You need not best me, you will be given the chance
To follow my movements , thoughout my long dance

If you do so, then I give my promise to give duty
To bestow you long life, and never fading beauty"
To the music of spheres, Hathor twirled, danced and leapt
Beside her, the dancer matched her, movement and step.
The dance left the stage, thru the city. place to place
None dreamed mere mortal woman could keep up that pace
As Hathor stopped, Said, You have done your part
You have matched my dance, yours is a pure heart
Hathor raised her arms amd gave the dancer the spell
The dancer's tiredness vanished, she suddenly felt well

AS she started to sit, They heard a sound from the sky
The wings of a great bird, far to huge to possibly fly
Twas Garuda, t he Bird of Hindu Gods, and up on its Back.
One Burning, One Red Robed, one whose face was black
First walked Agni, God of fire, and none hoped to learn
One gesture from him, the very stones of the city would burn
Robed in Red, Yama , God of Death, from him, none can flee
One touch, one glance of his takes the soul and life from thee.
Kali, many armed, black face, To whom all Chaos is sweet
Death and destruction , to her , are like fruit and meat

AS they approached the dancer, she bowed her head.
One look , One gesture of theirs and she would be dead
Kali said "It is good to that the other one left you fresh and alive,
It will make your death sweeter , you cannot hope to survive"
"You cannot outdance me, Mine and the other two Powers
Will bring an end to this city and you in just a few hours
But , come now,tho your effort is doomed you must try
To turn us away, win, and then none in this place will die

The Hindu music began, sounds the dancer never before heard
She stood there frozen in shock saying never a word
Kali began her dance, With her many arms and black of face
that dance she gave before Shiva, In the Destoyers Palace
The little dancer watched and in fear she did cower
To match or beat that dance she had not the power

As Kali danced, the crowd divided, it did split apart
And what looked like a man, came forth from its heart
Blue-skinned and smiling, all his rainment was gleaming
Strength, hope, and love from him seemed to be streaming
I am Kubera, no great power, Just Lord of all hidden treasure
I say unto you, Not even those three can take my full measure

Powers of Death, Chaos,and Fire are no part of my list
But I can grant thee this power, those fears to resist.
She felt an upwelling of spirit, and suddenly she knew
How to answer Kali's dance , what she had to try to do
She moved up by Kali but d id not challenge her Dance
She had but one way, on that she took her chance
The dancer did not compete, did not enter that strife
She began her own dance , one of hope,a Paen to LIFE'

She danced of the Love, Of Parent for Child
Love of Man and Woman, both tender and wild.
She danced of the love that encompasses all
Emboldened and daring to answer each call
She danced of the life, so simple yet deep
Of lovers holding each other while deeply in sleep
She danced of the truth, that all on the earth
Whether poor or King, each has true worth
Kali's dance faltered and stopped, The three lost their will
They knew before them danced something no Power could kill
They went back to Garuda, That great messenger bird
They left her there dancing and said not one word

She ceased her dance, looked round, walks down to the crowd.
Asks, "Where went the God who gave hope and made me so proud?
The people were confused i n whole, said "No God did we see"
Only one old blind begger came anywhere close to thee
Where is he, she asked, and all looked around
no begger was seen nor ever was found

The Darkside


Dementia has never been a state of mind,
it is an ever and always place.
Where things creep up from behind,
black bloody talons, and no face.
Where ziggurats of dark lightless stone,
Pierce like screams the moonless sky.
Rising above fields of moldering bone,
of those who came here, only to die.
Stone demons and devils have no life,
Tell yourself this , as back to wall you shove.
As the fear cuts thru you like a knife,
At the sound of their hellborne wings above.
"I am a rational person, none of this is real,
Tis but a nightmare from which I will awake."
Keep saying this, e'en though you feel.
They are coming just for you, your soul to take.
Dementia has never been a state of mind,
it is an ever and always place.
Where fear and horror is but one step behind,
No matter how hard you increase your pace

Within us each, ever seeing,
There exists another being.
Ever dreaming, ever scheming.
Even tho it's never seeming
We carry each, our own demon.
We cannot blame another.
Not friend, enemy, or lover.
Behind, beneath, it does hover
Madness comes, and few recover.
Ever dreaming ever scheming
You can't escape this evil being
Nor can you hide on any level
For YOU created your own devil.
Forged of fate, lost love, not taken chances.
Tempered by hate, heartbroken romances.
When that demon blade is gripped.
And your soul from you is stripped
Do not bemoan your fate
You created it from hate
Laying in the nights, dreaming.
We each create our own demon


[ by momlico]
Succubus. Dark Lust

You want depravity, you want lust.
The freakier the better, a must.
Then you need to see me, I'm your dream.
I tantalize, I please, I'll make you scream.
The price for my services is very high.
The last thing you'll remember is your sated sigh.
I'll be anything and everything you want.
You have me - day and night, I will haunt .
I'll love you till you twist,writhe, and bend.
Holding you tight till your life does end.
You whisper words of love - you pretend.
Your body shrivels as you, to hell I send.
I'm the lure, your drug, the bait. your evil I sate.
Watch me strip, your only thought, for us to mate.
If only you knew, you think you take from me?
As your life force leaves your body, you'll see.
For every depraved, lustful act you to me give.
The pain, the pleasure - I take into me and live.
I will t watch your body dry out and die.
As I wring from you that last sated sigh.
I am every fantasy, I make all dreams come true.
Wish for me, call me, conjure me to you.
You want a sex kitten, a love toy?
Call me, it's your death I will enjoy!